I’m so glad you are here.




Are you fighting for hope in this broken world?

Yeah, me too.

Some days, I am all about the battle. But on other days, it is honestly hard to hang on. That’s why I started The Fight For Hope. 

I see this site as a place of quiet in my often-chaotic life.

A place to find words of hope and encouragement when I’m feeling hopeless.

A place to find rest when I’m weary.

The words I write remind me what this world is really about and what I’m really doing here. These words remind me that fighting for hope is worth the battle.

I hope they will do the same for you.

If you would like to receive weekly encouragement in your fight for hope, please sign up on the sidebar of any post.  After signing up, you’ll receive a  Spotify playlist of my go-to songs called Words of Hope.

The fight for hope looks different on different days, but it is worth fighting every. single. day.






About Erin


A little about me….

I am a country girl. I grew  up playing in the woods, and playing outside until dark. I still love being outside.

I love to laugh.

My sarcastic edge comes out in my humor, and I REALLY need a sarcastic-dripping  font when I’m texting my friends.

I am a wife who often makes my husband shake his head, even after more than 20 years of marriage. I am Mama to our 3 monkeys – Anderson, Maggie and Ellen.

I love our little family. We quote movie lines at random times. We laugh together, we get on each other’s nerves, we cry together, but most importantly, we love each other.

I throw things when I get mad. I eat when I’m stressed.

I love chocolate and coffee and any combination of. Even when I’m not stressed.

I love ’80’s music. I sing the wrong lyrics to songs – sometimes on purpose.

I love words. I believe God uses life-giving words to encourage us, strengthen us, and even change the course of our lives.

I love stories. I love hearing the stories in other people’s lives. Sharing our story takes great courage. Sharing our stories awakens the courage, compassion, and hope that is inside each one of us.

My story probably contains many of the same elements as yours – joy, sadness, betrayal, waiting, struggle, hurt.

During the difficult times, my first response is to build a cocoon around my heart to keep from feeling the hurt. Sometimes there is no script for what happens in life. There is no “Ten Ways to Survive Betrayal” or “Put Trauma Behind You In 3 Easy Steps”. Life is often messy, confusing, and unpredictable.

But in my heart of hearts, I want to walk through the difficult times without being hardened by them. I want to feel. It is only in feeling courage, compassion, and hope that I can extend it to those around me.

The Fight for Hope is a result of this balancing act of living in a broken world and keeping my heart tender. Through this blog I want to share my fight for hope with you. I want to point out the hope warriors in your life, and I want to help you see the hope warrior inside of you.

I believe we were made for hope, because we were created by the God of hope. I believe we crave hope and that we can find lasting hope when we base our hope in God.

…and my fight for hope

The Lord asked me to fight for hope back in 2000 and it took me 15 years to really understand what that meant. During those years, God developed my fighting-for-hope muscles through situations in my marriage, the heartbreak of an adoption that didn’t happen, my girls’ diagnosis of epilepsy, and seeing my own brokenness.

These things have been pivotal in teaching me how to fight for hope and in helping me recognize the quiet fierceness of the hope warrior inside me.

Once I knew what to look for, I began noticing the hope warriors in my life. I believe we are made for hope and I equally believe that we grow stronger  by being in community with other hope warriors. Hope warriors are not people who have it all together. They are not people who give surface answers to the messiness of life. Hope warriors are people who know their own brokenness, who aren’t afraid of the brokenness they see in others. They are people who say “I am with you. You are not alone.”

If you are searching for hope, clinging to hope, or just leaning in the direction of hope, then you, my friend, are a Hope Warrior.  You’ve come to the right place. A place where we can encourage each other as we fight for hope every day.

Beyond the Blog…

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Beautiful Redemption

It’s the end of December as I’m typing this which means that we survived the holiday craziness (whoot! whoot!) and things have come to a screeching halt in those grey days between Christmas and the new year. Sometimes those quiet grey days are peaceful, but sometimes they feel empty and words of hope are especially …

Truths That Make Life Beautiful


Truths That Make Life Beautifulerinulerich.com

We say what we think. We live what we believe.

Mrs. Barbara B. Barker rocked my world with this statement. It wasn’t even one of the main points of her talk. It was a simple comment made to the side as she spoke to the women at our staff orientation.

We say what we think. We live what we believe.

I began looking at my life, using these two sentences as a backdrop. I found that the things I say and the way I live are often at odds.

As I thought through these two statements, the questions quickly formed.

What does my life say I believe? What do my actions reveal about my beliefs?  Does this differ from the words that come out of my mouth?

What we say we believe and what we live out are often very different, indeed.

In my life I’ve found that I say that I believe truth, and yet my life reveals that I believe lies. I’ve found that to be true in connection with three truths in particular:

You are loved.   You are not alone.  You have purpose.

I said I believed these truths, I told others these truths, but in the day-to-day living, I reacted to circumstances as if I was un-loved and abandoned.

Closing the gap between what I say and how I live out these three truths have made my life beautiful, indeed.

Please join me over the next 31 days as we explore these three, simple truths.

You are loved.   You are not alone.  You have purpose.

Day 1 – God’s Love is Lavish

Day 2 – God’s Love Is Steadfast

Day 3 – Sometimes Church Looks Like This

Day 4 – Praise: A Response to God’s Love

Day 5 – God’s Compassion Never Ends

Day 6 – Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love

Day 7 – Healing Begins

Day 8 – God’s Care Can Handle Our Worries

Day 9 – There Is Joy In His Presence

Day 10 – His Love Flows Into Our Lives

Day 11 – His Face Is Toward Us

Day 12 – Knowing We Are Loved Makes Our Hearts Sing

Day 13 – A Pearl Of Great Price

Day 14 – God Is With Us

Day 15 – I Am Not Alone

Day 16 – Have You Been Introduced?

Day 17 – Even When We Feel Alone, We Are Not Alone

Day 18 – We Don’t Face Life Alone

Day 19 – Even When We Feel Helpless, We Are Not Alone

Day 20 – We Can Trust Him, Because of Who He Is

Day 21 – I Will Praise You In This Storm

Day 22 – We Were Made For Hope

Day 23 – We Were Made For Community

Day 24 – We Were Made For Intimacy

Day 25 – We Were Made For Truth

Day 26 – We Were Made For Creativity

Day 27 – We Were Made For Wonder

Day 28 – We Were Made For Meaning

Day 29 – We Were Made For Remembering

Day 30 – It’s Good To Be Alive

Day 31 – Together On The Journey

Hope Warrior Resources

Hey there, Hope Warrior!

We don’t always feel  warrior-like as we fight for hope. Our warrior status isn’t dependent on how we feel, it’s who we are. We lean in, pressing against the darkness in our lives, and looking for the beauty of redemption. We can grow weary, especially when it feel like the darkness is winning.   From time to time I find things that encourage me to keep pressing on.

Encouragement To Keep Fighting

I am crazy about these bracelets  because they remind me that I am a Hope Warrior and that I can do difficult things. The bracelets can be worn separately or grouped together.

Hope Warrior, Ezer, Love Warrior

You Are Enough Bracelet

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Be Brave, Be Fearless Bracelet

She Who Is Brave Is Free Bracelet

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Stepping Toward My Dreams

Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge gave me the direction I needed to turn my book from a “maybe one day” idea into reality. It’s free, takes 15-20 minutes each day, and is life-changing! Doing a few small things each day to achieve my goal kept my motivation high and brought my goal within reach very quickly. I highly recommend this online course!

I learned the nuts and bolts of writing and the process of submitting writing for publication from The Institute of Children’s Literature. Though I took the course back in the late 90’s, I still subscribe to their free Children’s Writer eNews, a newsletter that is packed with information about the craft of writing, contests, and publication opportunities.