Hope Warrior Resources

Hey there, Hope Warrior!

We don’t always feel  warrior-like as we fight for hope. Our warrior status isn’t dependent on how we feel, it’s who we are. We lean in, pressing against the darkness in our lives, and looking for the beauty of redemption. We can grow weary, especially when it feel like the darkness is winning.   From time to time I find things that encourage me to keep pressing on.

Encouragement To Keep Fighting

I am crazy about these bracelets  because they remind me that I am a Hope Warrior and that I can do difficult things. The bracelets can be worn separately or grouped together.

Hope Warrior, Ezer, Love Warrior

You Are Enough Bracelet

Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit Bracelet

Be Brave, Be Fearless Bracelet

She Who Is Brave Is Free Bracelet

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Stepping Toward My Dreams

Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Challenge gave me the direction I needed to turn my book from a “maybe one day” idea into reality. It’s free, takes 15-20 minutes each day, and is life-changing! Doing a few small things each day to achieve my goal kept my motivation high and brought my goal within reach very quickly. I highly recommend this online course!

I learned the nuts and bolts of writing and the process of submitting writing for publication from The Institute of Children’s Literature. Though I took the course back in the late 90’s, I still subscribe to their free Children’s Writer eNews, a newsletter that is packed with information about the craft of writing, contests, and publication opportunities.