Truths That Make Life Beautiful


Truths That Make Life

We say what we think. We live what we believe.

Mrs. Barbara B. Barker rocked my world with this statement. It wasn’t even one of the main points of her talk. It was a simple comment made to the side as she spoke to the women at our staff orientation.

We say what we think. We live what we believe.

I began looking at my life, using these two sentences as a backdrop. I found that the things I say and the way I live are often at odds.

As I thought through these two statements, the questions quickly formed.

What does my life say I believe? What do my actions reveal about my beliefs?  Does this differ from the words that come out of my mouth?

What we say we believe and what we live out are often very different, indeed.

In my life I’ve found that I say that I believe truth, and yet my life reveals that I believe lies. I’ve found that to be true in connection with three truths in particular:

You are loved.   You are not alone.  You have purpose.

I said I believed these truths, I told others these truths, but in the day-to-day living, I reacted to circumstances as if I was un-loved and abandoned.

Closing the gap between what I say and how I live out these three truths have made my life beautiful, indeed.

Please join me over the next 31 days as we explore these three, simple truths.

You are loved.   You are not alone.  You have purpose.

Day 1 – God’s Love is Lavish

Day 2 – God’s Love Is Steadfast

Day 3 – Sometimes Church Looks Like This

Day 4 – Praise: A Response to God’s Love

Day 5 – God’s Compassion Never Ends

Day 6 – Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love

Day 7 – Healing Begins

Day 8 – God’s Care Can Handle Our Worries

Day 9 – There Is Joy In His Presence

Day 10 – His Love Flows Into Our Lives

Day 11 – His Face Is Toward Us

Day 12 – Knowing We Are Loved Makes Our Hearts Sing

Day 13 – A Pearl Of Great Price

Day 14 – God Is With Us

Day 15 – I Am Not Alone

Day 16 – Have You Been Introduced?

Day 17 – Even When We Feel Alone, We Are Not Alone

Day 18 – We Don’t Face Life Alone

Day 19 – Even When We Feel Helpless, We Are Not Alone

Day 20 – We Can Trust Him, Because of Who He Is

Day 21 – I Will Praise You In This Storm

Day 22 – We Were Made For Hope

Day 23 – We Were Made For Community

Day 24 – We Were Made For Intimacy

Day 25 – We Were Made For Truth

Day 26 – We Were Made For Creativity

Day 27 – We Were Made For Wonder

Day 28 – We Were Made For Meaning

Day 29 – We Were Made For Remembering

Day 30 – It’s Good To Be Alive

Day 31 – Together On The Journey