It’s A Wrap!

I’m blowing the (virtual) dust off the bog today after a summer of no writing.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I wrote grocery lists, snarky texts to blow off steam after surviving  pre-teen drama storms, and SOS texts to my husband when those storms reached critical mass.

That is not the kind of writing that fills my soul with joy.

In the midst of surviving the summer, I learned something the hard way.

After creating an entire video series on the 5 areas that are critical for taking care of ourselves, this summer I neglected 99% of these areas.

(What kind of person creates an entire video series and then doesn’t follow her own advice? Geez.)

This neglect impacted every part of my life. Not all at once, of course. But as the weeks went by, I grew more agitated, more reactive. I didn’t like being around myself. I wasn’t nice to myself either.

This experience makes me even more convinced that these 5 areas really are CRITICAL for living life with courage, strength, and resolve. Just ask the people who had to live with me while I spiraled into my pit.

Today I am so excited to share the final video in the series, the wrap-up, with a few thoughts about badass-ness and fighting for hope. I encourage you to go back and watch the entire series. The videos aren’t long, because getting back to badass isn’t complicated, it just takes focus.

I created this video series because I firmly believe that the way we care for ourselves impacts the way we fight for hope. When I am feeling badass, when I am living life with courage, strength, and resolve,  I make brave decisions, I speak up for what is right, I respond to situations instead of reacting in anger and panic. It gives me strength as I fight for hope.

Our world needs more of this kind of badass.


The Back to Badass Wrap-Up







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